Investor Carrot Review, Is It Right For Your Wholesaling Business?

Over the past year I've been asked all kinds of questions about my experiences with Investor Carrot.  When I first discovered them I had a lot of questions myself and found it hard to find the answers.  At the time Investor Carrot had just launched the service so there was not a lot of information out there.  I just had to take the plunge and hope for the best. I've had my website up for over a year now with some good results.  From my experience with the website service I felt I had enough Continue Reading

Business Mailing Address…What Are Your Options?

business mailing address

I’m a fairly laid back person.  The thought of an angry lead (for what ever reason) hunting me down at my home never really bothered me.  What are the chances right?  Who would take the time out of their busy schedule to confront a person who sent them a letter in the mail box? My friend […]

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Business Checking Account

business bank account

Every February for the past 5 years I’ve had to export all my transactions from into an excel file.  Then I proceeded to filter out all my real estate transactions.  I’m sure I got most of them but for sure there were always ones I missed. Yes…I didn’t have a business bank account.  The pain […]

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I Got Over One of My Fears Today

My friend Sharon Vornholt from Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog started up a wonderful podcast earlier this year.  I really enjoy listening to it on my rides to work in the mornings.  Her guests are always hard working investors who are always willing to share what they know. What I love about Sharon’s podcast is […]

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You Never Know Who You Might Run Into…Funny Story


Every day I am reminded that of the benefits of networking and building relationships.  Even though this story isn’t related to real estate investing it has everything to do with real estate investing. The other day I was coming home from the park with my son.   My wife was working  and it was getting late […]

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