I Got Over One of My Fears Today

My friend Sharon Vornholt from Louisville Gal's Real Estate Blog started up a wonderful podcast earlier this year.  I really enjoy listening to it on my rides to work in the mornings.  Her guests are always hard working investors who are always willing to share what they know. What I love about Sharon's podcast is that we have similar investing strategies so a lot of her content really resonates with me. So, about a month ago, Sharon asked me to be on her podcast.  At first I was really Continue Reading

You Never Know Who You Might Run Into…Funny Story


Every day I am reminded that of the benefits of networking and building relationships.  Even though this story isn’t related to real estate investing it has everything to do with real estate investing. The other day I was coming home from the park with my son.   My wife was working  and it was getting late […]

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Guess How I Reacted to this Situation…


Running a website is great when everything is working as it should.  However when things go wrong it quickly becomes a pain in the ass!  About two weeks ago I started having trouble logging into this site’s WordPress administration page.  It would either take forever to load or I’d get some strange error message to […]

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Writing Content that Attracts Motivated Seller Leads


Struggling Investor has been alive and kicking for 6 years now (since 2008). To this day the hardest part for me is to write content.   I’ve definitely improved my skills, but it’s still a chore. If you have ever started a blog you know what I mean.  Heck…and I’m talking about just my personal […]

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18 Ways to Suck at Wholesaling Real Estate


We all love GPS because it gives us the exact way to get someplace we want to go.  That is great and all but you really didn’t learn anything except that one way.  To truly learn something you need to know about what not to do and the consequences that come with it.  That is […]

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